The following background on the illustrator and his calendar was graciously provided by Detleff Ott (Nov 2012.)


My name is Detlef Ott . I was born on 25.8.1964 in Germany and since this time I live in Tostedt. Tostedt is a small town near Hamburg. My house is in a forest and I live there with my wife Petra, my four children and a lot of animals.

I have a lot of hobbies and one of them is painting and drawing pictures about fantasy and nature themes. My favorite fantasy artist is Frank Frazzeta from the USA, and I hope that my paintings someday will be as powerful as his. I'm sad that he died in 2010 and I have never met him.

As a teenager, I read the first time the "Lord of the Rings." During the following years, I dived in again and again into this book, to be a part of the battle of Middle-earth. Later on, it was followed by the "The Hobbit" and other stories penned by J.R.R. Tolkien.

Since my childhood, I was followed by fantasy painting. Therefore these stories are up to now a never ending source of inspiration. "Dwarfgold, Dragonrage and Thieffoxiness" is an extract of these inspirations.

It took me four years before I could finalize these oil on canvas paintings. It is an unbelievable lovely feeling to create a painting. In the future I would like to paint many great paintings.

if you wish to know anything about me, send me an email with your questions via my website . I wish you a lot of enjoyment with this calendar.

Detlef Ott