Thank You!

Collecting these calendars is a bit of an obsession. But the people that I have "collected" (going with the theme, although that's a poor way to phrase what I'm saying) and their friendships are more precious than rings (or calendars) to me. That is where the most enjoyment has come from over the years. So "THAG YOU VERY BUCH!" to the many people without whom my collection and this website would not have gotten to where they are:

Jan Boom (aka - Fangorn) who humors my obsession and without whom I would never have acquired many of these;

Joe Kraemer (my best Tolkien-calendar-collecting buddy);

Gary Hunnewell (aka - Hildifons Took) for adding to the list and sending photos of some rarities;

Sherry Pennington for adding to the list and sending photos of those calendars;

Nancy Martsch at Beyond Bree for her suggestions and contacts (and calendar compilation);

Tim Kirk for graciously providing a copy of his 1969 calendar (You can't be first, but you can be next ... except for that 1969!);

Vaclav Satava (of the Czech Tolkien Society) who generously sent six of the Czech calendars;

Laura Cooper (aka - Laithaine) for support above any reasonable requests I made and beyond my wildest hopes to collect the Hollin Designs calendars;

Michael from whose Tolkien Boardgames Collecting website I borrowed the idea of a Rarity Scale. (If you like this site, you should also like his!);

Vee for sending the "2005 Discover England's Two Towers" calendar;

Miikka Uotila of the Finnish Tolkien Society for making certain that I have all of their issues and informing their membership of this site;

Mundee Baggins and Mayor Whitfoot for sending the ShirePost calendars;

Dan Smith for contacting me, information on the Middle-earth Fellowship, and the three Middle-earth Fellowship calendars;

elfy for helping me find and collect issues from Poland;

Stormrider of Tolkien's Ring for her knowledge of that group and her support;

Kristi Rowell for parting with the 2003 Tolkien's Ring calendar (and her drawing of Old Man Willow);

VarnafindŽ for her translation of the 1984 Arthedain calendar;

Zelphalya for her wonderful support to obtain the Tolkiendil issues each year;

Colin Williams for a complete collection of his calendars;

Josť Pardo Sanchez for going beyond what I could have hoped for to help me collect some of the Minotauro issues;

Imrahil (Helios) for his assistance on the S.T.E. issues;

Ted Nasmith, Jef Murray, Catherine Chmiel, Colin Williams, Ruth Lacon, Henning Janssen, Sue Wookey, Anke Eissmann, Catherine Sparsidis, my wonderful daughter, Megan,and Jessica&Anthony who enabled me to cross one of the items off my "bucket list" by creating the 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011 HI/NETS calendars;

Pieter Collier of Tolkien Library fame for his support;

Leslie Donovan of the University of New Mexico Hobbit Society for information and images of that society's issues;

Michael Doenges who saved this website from oblivion;

Ginny for the 2002 Middle-earth Fellowship calendar;

My son, Ryan, who designed and programmed this site;

My wife, Alice, who puts up with my obsession.

Special thanks to Bridget and Dominic Welsh who parted with THE Calendar. It is the jewel of my collection.