After many years of collecting Tolkien calendars, encouragement from several other collectors, and a great deal of help from my son, I created this website. I had the name made up before I ever started typing this text. So it is a bit presumptuous to call it a complete guide. However, I do encourage comments and additions from visitors and other collectors in the hope that it will become so. Especially, you will note many "variant" calendars throughout the list: different versions of the same calendar (changes in format, language, etc.) If you know of a calendar not listed here, please email me!

Also, you will note the title lines in many (133) of the calendar entries are links (green and underlined.) Click on these to view the monthly illustrations of that particular calendar. Some of these come from the Featured Calendar (as seen below.)

One note: I am not a collector of the Lord of the Rings movie-related calendars (with a few exceptions.) There was an excellent compilation by Sean at Jeremy has rebuilt that list on his Tolkien Collector's Guide website.

Last revised: 4 August 2016
As of this date, there are 433 calendars listed here.