1994 Finnish Tolkien Society

"Suomen Tolkien-seuran Kalenteri 1994" Pen-and-ink illustrations by Mikko Raunonpoika Juhola, Jukka-Petteri Halme, Petri Hiltunen. I chose this as a Calendar of the Month because of the illustrations (and to let others know of the excellent calendars that the FTS publishes.) They are well-conceived with great dramatic effect and brilliantly executed. For example, consider the April illustration of Gandalf and the balrog by Mr. Hiltunen. This scene has been attempted by many illustrators. Yet few have captured the intensity of battle as well. Or view the December illustration by Mr. Juhola. Simple in concept but with subtle details. (Consider the tracks left by the ring.) Perhaps it is the contrast afforded by pen-and-ink drawings that brings these to life.