2011 HarperCollins

"2011 Official Tolkien Calendar Ilustrated by Cor Blok" A delightful calendar with illustrations pretty much unlike any others that I have seen. And several pages of comments from Mr. Blok that are a great insight into his creative process. From comments about it in various Tolkien forums, people either love it or hate it. I'm in the former category, and apparently so was Professor Tolkien who collected two of Mr. Blok's works (which appear in this calendar.) To add to my personal excitement about this issue, the images that follow are from a copy of it that is VERY special to me. It was sent by Fangorn (Jan Boom), whose name appears in the credits (along with such giants in the Tolkien world as Pieter Collier and René van Rossenberg), and he had his friend, Cor Blok, inscribe and sign it for me. Therefore, I am MORE than pleased to share this treasure with you!