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Ms. Nielsch's descriptions of the photo locations.

January: Nen Hithoel, aka North Mavora Lake, Fjordland (location for the end of Fellowship of the Ring)

February: The Fellowship is Breaking - South Mavora Lake, Fjordland (Location for the end of Fellowship of the Ring)

March: White Mountains at Sunrise - Harper's range, Mt Potts station, Central Canterbury (can be seen as part of the natural backdrop for the Edoras location in TTT and RotK)

April: Bag End in the Rain - Hobbiton movie set near Matamata (self-explanatory)

May: Rivendell Gardens - Kaitoke Regional Park near Wellington (location for the Rivendell set in all three movies)

June: Road to Paradise - between Glenorchy and Paradise, Central Otago (leading to the locations for the Lorien forest, and Orthanc - and some of Prince Caspian was being shot there too, the very day I took this image)

July - Mt Doom - Mt Ngauruhoe, as seen from Whakapapa ski field, Tongariro National Park (though the actual volcano does not appear in the movie, Mt Doom was modelled on Mt Ngauruhoe, and the rocks in the foreground appear several times - as "Emyn Muil" at the end of Fellowship and beginning of TTT, and those very two rocks can be seen when Frodo and Sam share their last drop of water in RotK)

August - Approaching Edoras - looking down on Mt Summer near Mt Potts Station, Central Canterbury (location of the Edoras set - the surrounding river valley and mountains can be seen in TTT and RotK)

September - Hobbit hole Hobbiton movie set near Matamata, Waikato (one of the lesser hobbit holes that still are standing on the set)

October - First Sun on Edoras - Mt Summer, Central Canterbury (seen in TTT and RotK)

November - borders of Lorien - near Paradise, Glenorchy - this is the spot where the Fellowship reaches Lorien in FotR. Some of Prince Caspian was also shot very near by)

December - Vision of Valinor - Lake Tekapo near Twizel, Central Otago (ok so this doesn't appear in the movie but some of the Rohan scenes for TTT and RotK were shot near Twizel)